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Guide to Living in Amarillo, TX

Are you planning a move soon? If so you're not alone. The average American moves almost 12 times during their lifetime. 

No doubt some of those moves are to, or within the great state of Texas. If you're already living in Texas, or want to live here, one of the best places to live in Texas is the city of Amarillo. 

Why is Amarillo so great? And what's it like living in Amarillo, TX? 

Here's our guide to the city, to make you into a future happy Amarilloan! 

Weather in Amarillo

First, let's talk about the weather. Texas weather has a reputation for being unpredictable. Amarillo isn't any different.

Weather in Amarillo varies widely across the year. Expect hot summers, with at least a handful of instances with the temperature topping 100 degrees Fahrenheit. However, humidity in the region is low.

Winter is of course colder, with highs in the 40s and 50s. Annually the city sees about 18 inches of snow each year. Severe ice storms are uncommon. 

Most of the area's precipitation falls from April through September, during thunderstorms. Thunderstorms occur near the dryline. The dryline is the place where warm, dry air flows down from the southern Rocky Mountains and meets moist air from the Gulf of Mexico.

While the weather can be extreme, Amarillo's milder winters are a pleasant alternative to winters in other U.S. states. The low humidity makes the hotter seasons more bearable than states with high humidity, such as Louisiana and Florida. 

Cost of Living in Amarillo, TX

Overall, the cost of living in Amarillo is lower than in other areas of the state. Amarillo's cost of living is also 19% lower than the national average. This number takes into account the cost of housing, utilities, and transportation.

Taxes in Amarillo are 8.25% for sales tax. This includes the combined taxes of both the state of Texas (6.25%) and Amarillo (2%). 

Fortunately, many groceries in the state are tax-free. Staples such as flour, sugar, eggs, milk, vegetables, and fruits are not subject to tax. 

Other non-taxable grocery items include coffee (beans, ground, instant, or pod form), tea (loose and bag form), baking supplies (dried fruits, icing, cake mixes, cooking oil, etc.), and condiments and spices. Baby products such as milk, formula, and baby food are also non-taxable. Many bakery items (when sold at a grocery or convenience store and not a bakery) are also non-taxable. 

Texas has some of the highest property taxes in the country. However, property taxes in Amarillo are lower than in some other parts of the state. In Potter County, the average effective tax rate is 1.79%.

Of course, these property taxes won't apply to renters.

Also, if you're new to Texas you may be surprised to learn that the state has no income tax, further enabling you to stretch your dollars.

Education and Higher Learning

If education is a concern, the Amarillo area is served by five different school districts: Amarillo ISD, Canyon ISD, Bushland, ISD, River Road ISD, and Highland Park ISD. Many of these schools are highly rated.

Major universities in the area include Amarillo College, a two-year university. West Texas A&M University has a campus building in downtown Amarillo. Public medical schools include Texas Tech University Health Services Center and the School of Health Professions. 

Many of these schools offer degree tracks in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and biomedical studies. 

In addition, Wayland Baptist University has a campus in Amarillo. WBU is a private Baptist university offering degrees in music, science, Christian Ministry, Fine Arts, and more.

Things to Do

Amarillo offers an impressive roster of dining establishments. Due to its history, the city is known for its barbeque and steak offerings. 

One example is Big Texan, a restaurant whose specialty is the 72-ounce steak challenge. Consume it all in 1 hour or pay the full $72 price tag.

Other great local options include Jorges Tacos Garcia, a well-known Tex-Mex fusion place. Or check out The 806, a coffee lounge with live music offerings and open-mic nights. 

You can go on and on about Amarillo's great food and drink offerings, but the city offers so much more.  

Cadillac Ranch is one of the more unique and bizarre local attractions. The ranch features no cows but does feature ten Cadillacs buried nose-down into a field. The monument began as a quirky art installation in the 1970s and has been a tourist staple since then. 

Lovers of the outdoors may have heard of the Grand Canyon, but are you familiar with the second largest canyon in the U.S.? Palo Duro Canyon Park is 800 feet deep and boasts thousands of miles of hiking trails.

For a more relaxed view of nature and wildlife, the Amarillo Zoo and the Amarillo Botanical Gardens are home to plenty of fauna and flora. 

There's always something to do in Amarillo, especially if you enjoy the weird and quirky side of Texas. 

Ready to Begin Living in Amarillo, TX?

Like anywhere else, there are pros and cons of living in Amarillo, TX. It may not be a big city, but Amarillo offers plenty of amenities and things to do while maintaining its small-town feel. Its this balance of small-town charm and access to city living that attracts people to the area. 

Does living in Amarillo sound perfect for you? If so check out our apartments

We offer one and two-bedroom options, allow pets, and have plenty of on-site amenities to make your new home comfortable. 

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